What I believe


My wife and I are  of a generation that believes a major key to ones’ success in life is a good education.  I believe that this is even more applicable in the 21st Century, as the requirements for an educated workforce is dictated by the demands of sophisticated technology.  We have an obligation and responsibility to make a quality education available to every child.  An often-overlooked part of any strategy to fix what is wrong with our educational system is the creation of an environment where students can learn and teachers can teach.  Any legitimate attempt to reform what is wrong with education has to place contractual demands on parents/guardians and the development of a comprehensive approach to meet the needs of students.  Eunice and I have collaborated with our local School Board and other concerned citizens to do whatever it takes to ensure that the children in our community succeed.  Our collective efforts brought about improvement in students’ performance and a school system ranked third best in the state.  I will work to help all communities in my district achieve the levels of success they are striving to attain.


I believe that the family is the very foundation of our society.  I also believe that the family as we once knew it is being threatened.  I am committed to traditional family values.  As Deacon in the church, I have taken an active part in nurturing extended family relationships where one or more parents may not have been available in a household.  I was blessed to be raised by parents who taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves and to do unto others, as we would have them do unto us.  These early teachings reinforced by Sunday school, Vacation Bible school and Adult Bible Study have provided the basis for my faith in God.  I am pro-life and believe that all life is sacred.  I believe that as Christians, we not only have an obligation to take this position, but we should also provide education and assistance to those who are facing this issue.